by a+E Issue 26.2: Touching Base   February 20, 2008

This issue offers some news from the homefront at, including a rundown of the new initiatives the site has planned for 2008 and a farewell letter from Project Director Kathleen Kvern.

As we get into the shank of the 2008, is unrolling a number of new programs and series, many of which are explicitly intended to invite those who work in disciplines less robustly represented on into the site's community of artists. We're launching these initiatives—which range from increased opportunities for networking and substantive arts-issues forums, to field-specific technical help and professional development workshops or new competitive series which showcase Minnesota's array of creative talent—in direct response to the many helpful comments and suggestions you offered in the member survey we sent to you at the end of 2007.

• Project Director Kathleen Kvern outlines a host of exciting ongoing and new endeavors has in store for 2008. And, at the same time, she offers her farewell.

• Highlights from MnArts magazine: Michael Fallon investigates the roots of the artistic drive, dance critic Lightsey Darst weighs in on the debut of The Chamber Ballet of Saint Paul, and Dean Seal reviews Craig Harris's avant-garde re-imagining of the Torah.

• Current artist opportunities in a variety of disciplines

• A fantastic line-up of arts events, including the Spark Festival, a world premiere performance of Five Flowers at Lanesboro's St. Mane Theater, and an exhibition exploring the objectification of women in art

Finally, we offer Kathleen our heartfelt thanks for all she's accomplished during her tenure as Project Director for, and we wish her every good fortune going forward. Her entrepreneurial verve and indefatigable optimism will be missed!