by Jon Nelson   July 27, 2010

Some Assembly Required is a weekly focus on sample based music and audio art. Host Jon Nelson explores the world of sound collage via this weekly podcast of his nationally syndicated radio program.

Episode 39, Some Assembly Required

Episode 39 features our 2002 interview with Wobbly’s Jon Leidecker, along with 13 tracks by the artist. Listen carefully for a couple by John Oswald and Natasha Spencer as well. Check out Episode 39 HERE.

Jon Leidecker is one of my favorite artists, and he’s been an invaluable resource to the show as well, over the past twelve years. I don’t think I’d be able to count the number of times he’s helped with information about an artist I was researching, or even introduced me to artists I’d never even heard of. (Check out his web series, Variations , at MACBA’s website, for further proof of his extensive knowledge on the subject of appropriation in the field of sound collage… The fifth installment was uploaded just a few days ago, in fact). Episode 39 is a look at his work as an artist, which originally aired in 2002, not too long after his visit to Minneapolis, where he played with John Oswald at the 2001 Sound Unseen Underground Film and Music Festival. Check it out HERE.

Be sure to check out the SAR Blog, at its new location: You’ll find Q&A’s with over 150 of the artists we play weekly on Some Assembly Required, including one with Wobbly, along with hundreds of archived episodes of the show. You can find this week’s episode there as well. Check out Episode 39 HERE.

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Jon Nelson


Jon Nelson is an artist, curator and producer, focused almost exclusively on collage, with forays into radio, visual art, theater, writing and installation. His nationally syndicated radio program (Some Assembly Required) is a weekly radio art show, featuring the talents of audio artists who appropriate sounds from their media environments.

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