by The Kennedy Center   February 10, 2013

VSA is proud to announce that the 2013 International Art Program for Children with Disabilities is open for entries. Deadline May 1, 2013.

Student-artists with disabilities are encouraged to create a family portrait that illustrates themselves among the people that provide love, support, and encouragement in their lives - their families. Portraying themselves with some of the most important people in their lives gives testament to the idea that family - no matter how big or how small - help shape who we are and provide the foundation for who we will be. 

A selection of artwork from the online entries will be chosen for a live exhibition at the United States Department of Education in Washington D.C. to take place in November 2013.

Deadline to submit: May 1, 2013
Who may submit: Children with a disability, ages 5 to 18
For more information and to submit an entry, go to: