by Alison Holland   February 12, 2013

Choreographer Alison Holland seeks ambient sounds for performance. Deadline February 26, 2013.
Due to icy January conditions, the original performance of Mesh, a chance-style collaboration of composer Paul Fraser (CA), visual artist Mary Johnson (MN), and choreographer Alison Holland (MN), was canceled.  A performance with the choreography and visual art was recently filmed (despite another winter storm).  However, due to the live sound mixing planned for the musical composition by L.A.-based Fraser, we were left without robust music for the piece.  That’s were you come in!
Please submit a track 19 minutes in length to this John Cage style SoundCloud Challenge by midnight CST Tuesday, February 26, 2013.  Please visit to do so.
Later, submitted tracks will be embed on a website with the video above for a “choose your own adventure” approach to providing the silent video with accompaniment.  Please consider participating and sharing the opportunity with friends and colleagues.  

Please note: Anyone with a computer or smartphone can do it!  This can be as simple as recording the white noise of your office or classroom or the soundscape of your neighborhood or playground.  Participants are also welcome to create an original song with any form or process.  The only requirement is that you follow the specific length.
Beginning Tuesday, February 12, 2013, Alison Holland will be hosting a giveaway, and your participation in this challenge is just one way to enter.  Please visit learn more.