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contact name: Megan Odell

Related Organizations:
Live Action Set, Southern Theater Artistic Advisory Committee, Megan Odell Acupuncture & Asian Medicine


  • BA in Theatre and Dance, Macalester College
  • Various Modern, Jazz, Ballet, and Contact Improv. classes around the Twin Cities
  • "Connecting Meaning to Movement" intensive workshop by DV8 Physical Theatre, Essen, Germany
  • "Energy to Action" intensive workshop by LUME Teatro, Campinas, Brazil
  • "Technical Training for the Actor II" intensive workshop by LUME Teatro, Campinas, Brazil
  • co-founder of Live Action Set


2007 Jerome Travel/Study Grant (to study with LUME Teatro in Brazil)

2005 City Pages Artists of the Year (awarded to Noah Bremer and Jon Ferguson with Live Action Set)
2005 Outstanding Experimental Theatre Work (awarded to "Please Don't Blow Up Mr. Boban" by Star Tribune)
2005 Best Stage Production (awarded to "Please Don't Blow Up Mr. Boban" by City Pages)

Exhibitions/Performance History

Taking a little break right now, but...

Past Work

In 2009:

"Super Monkey" by Jon Ferguson Theater
"My Father's Bookshelf" by Live Action Set
In 2008:
"Dances You Might Remember" by Galen Treuer
"Deviants" by Live Action Set and Robert Rosen
In 2007:
"Desiderare: desire the undesirable" by Live Action Set & Bob Rosen
mnartists/Rake 10,000 Arts Party by Live Action Set
"Ice Safety Team" by Live Action Set
"Maggie's Brain" by Off-Leash Area
In 2006:
"Southern Exposure," Benefit for Southern Theater
"The Percussionist" by Live Action Set
"The Hidden Room" by Skewed Visions
"The Percussionist (excerpt)" by Live Action Set with Spaghetti Western String Co.
In 2005:
"Please Don't Blow Up Mr. Boban" by Live Action Set & Jon Ferguson
"Hello Remember Me" by Live Action Set
"Weight of Light" by Vanessa Voskuil
"Visitatio Sepulchre" by Matt Jenson and Rose Ensemble
"The Hidden Room" by Skewed Visions
In 2004:
"Weight of Light" by Vanessa Voskuil
"Brand New Shoes" by Matt Jenson's New and Slightly Used Dance
"Nuclear Family" by Jesse Walker
"Look Ma, No Pants" produced by The Scrimshaw Brothers
"Before Dark" by Live Action Set
"The House" by Skewed Visions
"Art Shanty Project" by Live Action Set
Over the course of my career, I've been in works by the following artists (in loose chronological order):
Becky Heist, Emmy Johnson, James Sewell, Laurie Van Wieren, Risa Cohen, Heidi Geier, Matt Jenson, John Munger, Christopher Watson, Ana Morel, Cynthia Gutierrez-Garner, Brad Garner, Deborah Jinza-Thayer, Adrienne English-Scrimshaw, Amy Sackett, Joseph Scrimshaw, Joshua Scrimshaw, Noah Bremer, Vanessa Voskuil, Live Action Set, Jesse Walker, Skewed Visions, Jon Ferguson



American Theater, Theatre Journal, Live Design Magazine, Star Tribune, CityPages, Pioneer Press, Mpls/St.Paul Magazine, Minnesota Monthly, MPR, Metro Magazine, The Rake

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Country of Citizenship:
United States

Birth Place:
Portland, OR

Birth Date:
March 22, 1973


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