Michael Bahl

the artist and his creature
The artist and his creature (photo by Brooks Peterson)
Hear Michael on National Public Radio's Studio 360 at http://www.studio360.org/episodes/2007/08/03

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Renewal (working title)  
Renewal (working title)
This is the first part of a work-in-progress. It addresses our dependency on the renewal of nature for our existence. This is a rough sketch done in the manner and style of ancient Mesopotamia. The figure...
Bringer of Dreams  
Bringer of Dreams
This benevolent, winged spirit is a minor deity of ancient Mesopotamia. As a messenger of the gods, the spirit holds a cone from which flows the sacred fluid of the Tree of Life.The serpent and moon are each...
Griffin in The Black Dog Cafe, St. Paul
Griffin in The Black Dog Cafe, St. Paul
The griffin (or gryphon) is an imaginary creature dating to at least 3000 B.C. in ancient Mesopotamia (modern Iraq). The Griffin combines the head, wings, and legs of the eagle with the body and rear legs of...

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