John Foster

Queer Space Propagation
Architectural Forms
This is an exploration of simple forms, golden ratios creating complex structures. Amoebic ProtozoaGold NanoparticlesVirusesBucky BallsQueer Space

Featured Work

Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table  
Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table
My art embraces a wide variety of formal and situational strategies, and employs a range of materials and techniques including casting, plastic fabrication, digital imaging, and painting. I take an...
Smitten Kitten Window Display
Smitten Kitten Window Display
I was asked to design the window display for The Smitten Kitten in April 2012. The owner wanted to convey that the Smitten Kitten is all about eco-safe sex, and feature Free Range Silicone products for earth...

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