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Fuer Weihnachten wir gehen nach Haus (Going home for Christmas)
This 3 tier Advent pyramid is comprised of over 300 handmade wooden parts. Each figurine on the pyramid (12 in all) has been carefully lathe turned from Minnesota hardwoods and has been delicately...

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Der Weihnachtsmann (The Christmas Man)  
Der Weihnachtsmann (The Christmas Man)
Der Weihnachtsmann was a fun project to do because I enjoy the making of miniatures and he's loaded with them! What's Santa without toys?
Das Gebirgeshaus (The Mountain Cottage)
Das Gebirgeshaus (The Mountain Cottage)
We're currently producing an entire village of collectable smoker houses called Kleindorf (Little Village). Each is hand made and unique. The first installment is das Gebirgeshaus. We're following it up...

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