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Art4TheHomeless Mission

The mission of Art4TheHomeless is to use the arts to promote homeless awareness in America. Simply put,Art4TH features artists and through their art, promotes homeless help organizations, shelters, web organizations; anyone or anything that pertains to homeless Americans and in the process, promoting the artists whose art we use. Art4TH supports the arts and wants to use the arts to help as many Americans who are homeless and needs help as we can.

Art4TheHomeless Vision

Art4TheHomeless sees an America where artists come together to help those in need, each other, and emotionally raise each other up. Art is our way of expressing who we are and Art4TheHomeless expresses art and homelessness: how we can help each other out.


What Art4TheHomeless currently does to help

Art4TheHomeless currently has four sites: It started with a weblog. Art4TH blog is a revenue sharing blogómeaning that the blog owner gets paid to blog. Art4TH is currently at around $13.00 and the goal is to reach $100 to be divided up between ten homeless shelters in America.

The Art4TH online art gallery is where you can purchase unique artwork, prints, apparel, cards, postage, etc., and all profits go to help various homeless shelters and organizations.*

The Art4TH Webzine started in August 2008 and features visual artists, writers, and musicians from around the world who want to get their art out there and who also support Art4TH. The Zineís front page features homeless help organizations and shelters or anyone who helps the homeless.

The Homeless Network was created in October 2008 and this unique website caters to homeless Americans. You could be in Alaska and homeless, there is help for you. Some of the things a homeless American can find on this site is information pertaining to their rights, getting copies of their birth certificate, Social Security cards, Naturalization and Immigration information, online homeless shelter directories by state and also by province in some areas of Canada, online food bank directories, online medical care institutes who cater to homeless Americans, information about homeless teens and runaways, mental health and substance abuse programs, online organizations that help the homeless such as MySpace pages, YouTube videos and the National Coalition for the Homeless. The Homeless Network was just added to the US Department of Health and Human Servicesí Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrationís Homeless Resource Center ( ) a homeless assistance link.


Art4TH Online Community

A place for artists to come together, upload their work, be featured on the front page and just kinda hang out. Anyone can join and if you do, you may just see your art featured on the front page--which is good for publicity

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