Artist-Designed Mini Golf for the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Summer 2014


DESCRIPTION With the tremendous success of last summer’s third edition of Artist Designed Mini Golf we are coming back for a fourth edition, this time without the lengthy wait.  We are looking for ten new designs to join eight returning holes to create a full 18-hole course opening in May of 2013.

A BIG CHANGE We have a major change for this year’s call.  In each of the past editions participating artists were required to design, construct and maintain selected holes.  For the 2014 edition we are only asking for your designs with the Walker assuming the tedious task of fabrication and maintenance. Our intent is the change will allow more artists, designers and architects to participate in the project that may not have the time, skill set or resources to construct a mini-golf hole themselves.  

ELIGIBILITY  Individuals submitting Mini Golf-hole designs for consideration must be based in Minnesota and registered with; entrants may include artists, architects, engineers, landscape architects, furniture designers, etc.

SUBMISSIONS  Will be accepted from either individual artists or teams. Collaborations are encouraged, but not required. Individuals or teams may submit more than one entry, but each design proposal requires a separate submission. 

THEME  We are opening it up this year with no guiding theme for this edition of the course . Impress us with designs that are playful, playable and visually stunning.

SELECTION PROCESS  Proposals will be selected for inclusion in this year’s Mini Golf course in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden by a team of Walker curators and programmers based upon the following criteria:


Concept This includes originality of the design, aesthetic considerations and relationship to the other holes in the course.


Playability  Each proposal will be evaluated for appropriate balance between challenge and fun for players.  


Safety Each hole must be safe for play by all ages and not present any hazards that could harm public participants at every level of ability.


Durability  We expect over 50,000 players to visit our Mini Golf course over the summer, so each hole must be designed to handle a large volume of traffic without the need for constant upkeep and maintenance.  Holes with tunnels or other hidden portions must be accessible for maintain and cleaning. Materials should be indicated in the design, but may be substituted by the fabricators during the construction process with consent of the designers.   


Feasibility Proposals will be evaluated on the feasibility of its design for real-world construction and use.  Any proposals which are out of scope in scale or budget or present unrealistic expectations by way of execution, playability or installation may not be considered.  Due to the Walker contracting the fabrication, the burden of feasibility will shift more than in past years.  Feasibility guidelines for proposals should assume a 10' x 10' maximum footprint and $5000 for fabrication and materials.

STIPEND Selected entries will receive a $500 stipend, free unlimited passes for course and Walker family memberships. The selected artists will also receive recognition in all publications, media opportunities, documentation and special events.

MAINTAINCE AND UPKEEP The Walker assumes all liability, upkeep and maintenance for the holes. The Walker also assumes the right to keep or dispose of any holes as it see fit into the future. 

BUILDING SPECIFICATIONS  Each hole is expected to withstand direct exposure to the elements as well as an enthusiastic, club-wielding public of all ages. Any materials, structures, or components deemed hazardous or too fragile will be rejected.  The maximum size for each hole should be roughly 10’ x10,' however many successful holes also occupy a rectangular foot print. Proposed hole designs may be larger, but please do keep budget and feasibility in mind.  Holes may be proposed for specific areas of the site, taking advantage of topographical elements on location in the sculpture garden in their design.  

CURATORIAL SUPPORT  The selection committee may request revisions or alterations on designs base on safety or feasibility concerns. The designers will be consulted on any major design alterations throughout the fabrication process, but the Walker has the right to make the final decision during course construction.

SITE  The location of the this year's course will be the same as last year just to the west of the Cowles Conservatory near the Flat Pak House.  Please follow this link to download a map of the site.

INSTALLATION  The Walker crew will cover all aspects of installation.

INFO SESSION  An information session will be held for those interested in learning more about the project, constructing a proposal, and who have other considerations or questions about this year’s Artist-Designed Mini Golf program. This information session is highly recommended for anyone considering submitting a proposal, and it will take place at the Walker Art Center, in the Lecture Room, on Tuesday, November 19 at 7pm. 


Decemeber 10 

Information Session

January 10 2014

Proposals Due 

January 2014

Winning entries selected

February 2014 

Fabrication begins

May 2014


May 22 2014

Play golf!

September 2014

Course dismantled


Any questions regarding this call for entries should be directed to Scott Stulen or 612.375.7616