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I am fascinated by accidental outcomes and unintended results in both life and art. Photography allows me to experiment with intention and outcomes, as I use an assortment of digital and film equipment to depict an artistic vision, document life and experience, and alter viewer perceptions or understandings. The images in this collection were taken July 2012 on a trip to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park, using redscale film and black-and-white film in a medium format Holga camera, and adding a fisheye lens for some shots. I sought to capture images that would differ from how park visitors actually saw the sights around them, by using non-standard film and an unusual lens, and by focusing on details or angles that many people might overlook. These images are intended to show an alternative take on the typical tourist experience, particularly at a highly trafficked and frequently photographed park like Yellowstone. Additionally, using a “toy” camera constructed out of plastic and subject to an off-kilter viewfinder and occasional light leaks means that the resultant photos often differ from the shot I’d planned. I enjoy seeing the sometimes unexpected results from the experimental collaboration between my eye and the camera body.

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