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In producing this body of work I used memories of my childhood spaces to connect symbolic language to a geometric framework. Using these spaces or past associations enabled me to stabilize the organic forms of this body of work. My 2009 exhibitions have given me drive to work out my process of organizing space and of developing an intimate subject. Within the nature of the oil medium I am seeking depth, plasticity and expressive use of color. Scattered and falling forms in these works represent the uncertainty of life. I work to feel at one with painting as I do with my authentic drawings.

My aim is to paint like a child and to be spontaneous with color, line, and form. It always inspires me to watch a child placing color onto the surface – so focused on that moment. Children are incredibly alive in their own world and always very direct about how to put things down on their working surface. Adults often put expectations on product and lose the freshness that one sees in a child’s artwork. In the conflict between my own heart and mind I choose instinct to feel and respond to this artwork as the child within myself.

With this body of work I focused primarily on three childhood spaces that I remember: 1) My Bedroom; 2) The Dinner Table; and 3) The Beach at the Boathouse. My connection to My Bedroom symbolizes my identity space, where I could hold my dolls, feel alone, and draw out my feelings in sketch books. Sibling rivalry often drove me to my bedroom where I felt safe and comforted doing my drawing, which was the only language that felt natural for me. The Dinner Table was a place where I often felt overwhelmed, but still comforted by Dad being home and Mom’s meal being served. The Beach is where I loved to be and where I could put my feet in the water, swim in the lake, as well as, wait for the wind to take me sailing away.

Drawing images has always felt more comfortable to me in life than other forms of language. My hope is that my visual language will inspire other children who also struggle with formal learning and expression of ideas.


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