Collection Overview

Curator's Statement

I wanted to make a collection of artists who engage the senses through their exploration of space. This could be an imagined space or an intervention into a pre-existing space. Either way, these works of art mark an intersection between individual experience and collective narratives. The work of the senses is then no small task. The senses function like a bridge between the interior throughts, body and emotions of the artist and the exterior provocations of society. This collection was informed by Jean-Luc Nancy's book The Muses published by the University of Minnesota in 1999. Nancy writes, “art does not deal with the ‘world’ understood as simple exteriority, milieu, or nature. It deals with being-in-the-world in its very springing forth.” The arts then become a technique of being-in-the-world that mediates between oppositions, such as private and public, internal and external, figure and ground.


Collection Classification

Architectural, Mixed Media, Photography, Regional, Sculpture, Unclassified