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This is the album cover. For a higher resolution the album.


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    This is the album cover. For a higher resolution the album.

  • icon Dunderbech's Machine
    Dunderbech's Machine

    When I was a child my father listened to the Prairie Home Companion religiously. They used to have a feature hosted by Greg Brown called the "Department of Folksongs." At 10, this was one of my favorites.

  • icon Lord Randall
    Lord Randall

    I learned this song off a Buffy Sainte-Marie album. It always haunted me because of what the last two verses leave unsaid.

  • icon Lyke Wake Dirge
    Lyke Wake Dirge

    An early experiment of mine trying to sing in parallel harmonics, and what better to sing in such a way than such a dirge.


This is what happens when I get into the studio. I just can't resist singing 7-part harmony with myself.


"Wow! You blend so well with yourself!"
--Debbie Bojar

"I think there is a lot of very serious stuff on this album. And a lot of very humrorous stuff. I don't like it. You should stick to one or the other."
--Uriah McKinney

"Oh, it's folky? I won't like it then."
--Gordon Hage
"It's okay......"
--Genevieve Woodward
"It's you."
--Paul Cantrell

About "Insufficiency:"

"Is the purpose of this to rip off everything Paul Simon's ever done?"
--Andy Beger

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